Land the job (or project) you deserve (part II)

And continuing with last week's post, today we leave you with the following 5 ideas of the 10 that we proposed to successfully achieve the important challenge of finding a new job or project.
Land the job (or project) you deserve (part II)

In my previous post I wrote about how important it is to have a clear and step-by-step methodology to land the job or project you deserve, and I mentioned the importance of the first 5 steps (see post “Land the job (or project) you deserve (Part I)” , so today we are going to analyze THE FOLLOWING 5:

6. BOOST NETWORKING. For me, it is one of the most important steps. By networking I mean strengthening and building on relationships with people you already know. Make a list of all your contacts, all the people you know and who you think can help you in the process of finding a job. And when I say people you know, I mean you can have a coffee with them when necessary. So, prepare the list and divide it by the 22 working days of the month. And, contact these people to let them know that you are looking for a job. And repeat this contact every 30-45 days. It is very important that they keep you in mind when someone asks them if they know someone with your profile. (Remember that 4 out of 5 offers are hidden). The first time you contact them you must make it clear that you are looking for a job (and what type of job you are looking for), and in the following contacts do not talk only about yourself and your interests. Congratulate them on some achievement, put them in contact with someone who may be of interest to them, share some relevant information and others. Let them see that you not only think of yourself, but you also try to add value to them.

7. MAKE DIRECT OUTREACH. I separate the previous point of networking (contacting people you already know) from this point. This step is about contacting people you don’t know but would like to meet, because you think they can help you find a job. In this sense, you should prepare a list with these people. I recommend that it be about 20-25 people for the first month. So, every business day, you have to contact a person you don’t know. Think if someone can introduce you, think about how to access it. If after the attempt the answer is not positive, try it a second time and if he does not agree to contact you either, remove him from the list and go for another person. Every month you should add at least 10-15 people that you didn’t know before and now you do. In this way, they would go from the direct outreach list to the networking list and keep you in touch every 30-45 days.

8. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF INTERVIEWS. Everything we have seen so far (define the message well, prepare the tools, contact professionals…) is not useful to find a job, it is used to have job interviews. Interviews must be carefully prepared. I recommend you research about the company, the job they are trying to fill. About your interviewer, about the person who will take the decision. The more information you have about the company or the job, the better. And you should review your resume and your LinkedIn profile. Identify your weaknesses and have clear answers to the probable questions you will be asked. Objectively analyze how your profile can fit with the search they are doing. If you can, practice with someone you trust. Ask an HR specialist or a career coach to help you prepare for the interview. And above all, be honest and do not want to give an image of what you are not.

9. FOLLOW UP. You must follow up on all contacts made. Make a note of who you talk to, who you interview with, who you send your resume to, what processes you “apply” to. And do the follow up. Write down when you should contact again, what deadlines and phases each project takes. Remember your commitments well and fulfill them. If you said you would do a certain test, do it. If you said you would send a document, send it. Carrying out a correct follow-up is essential to be successful in the job search.

10. POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND PERSEVERANCE. Searching for a new job or a new project is not an easy task. Surely, the process will be longer and more difficult than you think. You must be prepared and have a positive attitude throughout the process. If you are currently working, you should look for gaps in your schedule to look for the new job. If you’re not working, your job is to look for work. With what I recommend you mark a “working day”. Not many hours but a specific time in which to do everything we have discussed in this post. Follow your routines and keep track of all your activity. Focus on the effort and not so much on the results. Set monthly, weekly, and daily goals. And get to work on them. Celebrate the fulfillment of the objectives of the activity. The results will come if you do what you must do. Working hard, with the right direction, you will surely achieve your challenge.

Here are 10 ideas to get the job you want. And remember what Steve Jobs said “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”.

Xavi Roca

I am Talentist, I help organizations, managers and professionals to achieve high performance through enhancing their leadership and personal brand. I am passionate about leadership, high performance team management and Personal Branding, and I have dedicated my professional career to helping companies and professionals develop and enhance their talents and strengths to achieve their maximum development and performance.

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