Less is more

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In today's post we want to propose 6 ideas to help you improve your personal and professional performance, simply by simplifying some things and doing less, because in general, less is more.
Less is more

Today I wanted to write to you about the well-known saying Less is More”. The quote was pronounced by the well-known German architect and designer Mies van der Rohe. He was one of the pioneers of modern architecture. He was referring, with his mythical quote, to the fact that any element that does not fulfill any function or help to solve a problem must be eliminated. AND THIS IDEA OF ​​MAKING THINGS SIMPLER IS OFTEN VERY BENEFICIAL. And not only in the world of architecture but in any field.

The “less is more” is also very useful in personal development and performance. This quote has always captivated me and I have tried to apply it in many areas of my professional life. Here are some ideas that have worked well for me and that can help you IMPROVE YOUR PERSONAL PERFORMANCE BY DOING LESS.

  1. Delegate and work as a team: fundamental. In order to grow and manage larger projects, you must make a clear commitment to delegation. Learn to work in a team and delegate tasks to the right people. There is a quote (by an anonymous author) that perfectly sums up this idea “teamwork divides the work and multiplies the results”.
  2. Reduce your online networks and the time you spend on them: I have seen in my own person how clearly reducing the time I spend on social networks has significantly improved my results. Unless you can verify a clear positive relationship between time online and professional results, I advise you to spend less time on them. Concentrate your activity on networks in a few specific moments of your day. Delegate some functions. Eliminate your presence in any network that you do not consider strategic. Surely, your performance will improve with more intelligent use of your social networks.
  3. Fewer but better ones customers: one of the most important actions. Michael Port, the well-known American lecturer, and consultant, used to say: “Choose your clients with the same care with which you choose your friends”. I totally agree. I am sure that most companies and professionals would have better results having fewer but better clients. Identifying the characteristics of those clients with whom you can give your best version and stop working with those with whom you cannot offer your best version.
  4. Fewer products and services: many companies and professionals think of offering more products and services in order to grow. I dare to say that most of the time it produces the opposite effect. To grow, it’s often easier to focus on the products and services you’re really good at. At this point, the Pareto Law applies perfectly: surely 80% of your profits come from 20% of your products and services. I don’t know if that’s exactly the case; but I am totally convinced that if you reduce your portfolio and focus on fewer products and services, your results will improve significantly.
  5. Fewer events, fewer associations: I have always been a clear advocate of networking. A few days ago I highlighted the importance of networking in the post Never Eat Alone. To enhance your personal brand and your leadership, you must enhance your networking. Contact interesting professionals, attend events, be part of professional associations but without going overboard. Be selective in the events you attend or the associations you are a part of. Don’t go to every event or accept every invitation. Choose well where you go and where not.
  6. Less work and more leisure: and my last recommendation, perhaps the most important. Work less and enjoy more. Many professionals, in an effort to achieve better results, work long hours. Too many in most cases. And this produces in many cases frustration and imbalance. To give our best version we must know how to rest, dedicate time to our family and to leisure activities. Most people who cannot balance their professional activity with their personal life usually have, not only performance problems but also in many cases personal and even health problems. So work a little less and dedicate a little more time to you and yours. Your life and your results will thank you.

Well, here are 6 ideas that you can incorporate into your professional and personal life based on the CONCEPT OF LESS IS MORE. And remember the brilliant quote by Leonardo Da Vinci that sums up the ideas that I wanted to share with you in this post: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

Xavi Roca

I am Talentist, I help organizations, managers and professionals to achieve high performance through enhancing their leadership and personal brand. I am passionate about leadership, high performance team management and Personal Branding, and I have dedicated my professional career to helping companies and professionals develop and enhance their talents and strengths to achieve their maximum development and performance.

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