You know you are going to be fired

This month, we have Pilar Llácer as a guest blogger and here she leaves us the main ideas from her book "Te van a despedir y lo sabes"
Book they are going to fire you and you know it

This month, we have Pilar Llácer as a guest blogger. Pilar is Professor and Researcher at EAE Business School on “The Future of Work”. He just published a book in Spanish called “Te van a despedir y lo sabes”  (could be translated as “you know you are going to be fired”. It is a different, fun and original book … and with the current situation it is more useful than ever. I leave her post and I hope you like it

“Te van a despedir y lo sabes” The book is the typical book that nobody would like to buy, because the truth hurts.

This book is aimed at all those who have ever suffered, cried, complained, criticized, been happy for a few moments … in the #businesscavern. Big or small … because they have been fired or they are going to be fired soon and they know it. If you are looking for #YOURJOB, because you have lost it or you have not found it yet, or you think you will not lose it, the #shamelesstravesies by @MissMaryPoppins in the corporate world will give you cramps.

The book explains the adventures of an ordinary employee and a boss who fired her, called @MrM, and of the dialogues with the different species to ask them if they are fired tomorrow, how they are going to get back into the #JOBgalaxy. @MrM will be fired too and will have to enlist with @MissMaryPoppins in four trips.

In the first trip we will see how the #DIGITALmeteorite impacts #YOURJOB.

The second one is a journey from #TRAININGplanet to the #EMPLOYMENTgalaxy.

If you reach the third journey, you will discover the world of the #businesscavern and the dialogues with its species.

And finally, I propose a training session so that if you are fired tomorrow, you will leave so happy.

You have to be prepared before you suffer the first symptoms in your #businesscavern.

The world had already changed before COVID19, not only because of the impact of technology, but because our consumption habits had caused changes in business models and transformation of many jobs.

A fairly easy-to-understand example will be enough. In 2018, 1,309 bank branches were suppressed in Spain. And this year, until September, we have another 1,156 back offices that have closed this year. All the jobs that are developed in the entities are not destroyed, they are only transformed and like almost all new professions, they carry the digital surname.

And for this change we have to be prepared, this is the objective of the book, which causes enough “cramps” for us to start training our Sustainable Employability, that is, the knowledge and functions that will make us attractive to companies in the face of uncertainty and that will allow us to move easily from one sector to another or from one function to another.

But this course turn is not easy. The book covers the characteristics of each of the profiles that work in companies and that make them more vulnerable to dismissal. Administrative, commercial, interns, millennials, women, seniors, entrepreneurs, unskilled personnel, robots and a very special chapter for bosses, those who lay off and who are also fired.

Finally, the book offers a simple training with very practical advice on how to prepare for a layoff.


When you get fired,

don’t be fooled.

When you are fired, it hurts

and for a long and long time.

When you do not achieve what is expected, desired or loved.

When you are fired and you DO NOT want to get up again,

start again

or just follow.

When you are fired,

and you are fooling yourself by saying that it has been an #AGREEMENT.

When you are fired and you don’t get

what is disputed in a game, in a battle, in life.

When you are fired and you know all your enemies

will be laughing

and some friends too

and that hurts a lot.

In your defeat, the drain on support is exponential.

And you know that no matter how noble your adventure was,

they have left you alone,

and this loneliness is neither loved nor well received.

In defeat, few people answer, even if they are online.

And you hear all those stories of those who rise again.

And they start again.

How lazy, how brave, how strong they are.

And you just want to stay at that alpha point

you should never have left

and you dared, so many times, that now

you are already tired of omega,

the one that never comes.

Why are you getting up again?

Just like you wake up every morning.

The alarm clock has rung (or not)

and you start again.

You don’t think about it, you get up.

The empire of the ephemeral

infects the inertia of the exit of the #businesscavern.

Have you been fired many times? I was fired 3 times.

Has the alarm clock rung

many days while you kept dreaming?

Get up without thinking

but now you are more aware that


Xavi Roca

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