Your Personal Brand. Starting point for your professional growth.

Today we have the participation as Guest Blogger of Gustavo Pagano, Personal Brander and one of the great references of the personal brand in South America. Let's take advantage of their advice on how to manage our personal brand and thus enhance our professional growth.
Your Personal Brand. Starting point for your professional growth.

Today we have the participation as Guest Blogger of Gustavo Pagano, one of the great references of personal branding in South America.

Starting to work on your Personal Brand strategically is today a key factor to achieve your professional and job growth goals.

This term, which has been developing in European countries for several years, has already begun to have value and resonance in Latin America and other Spanish-speaking countries.

Personal Brand can be defined as everything we leave on others, it is our footprint, what people will say about us when we are not present.

Sometimes we do not realize it, we think that by not working on our Personal Brand nothing happens, as by not making ourselves known or having a low profile we go unnoticed. But it is not like that, everything communicates, and more knowing that the first thing a professional or company that wants to know about us does is go to Google, LinkedIn or another social network. Today having a defined profile on social networks is essential for our Personal Brand.

And the truth is that, by remaining inactive, we are losing a great opportunity for growth and professional and personal fulfillment.

Working strategically on your Personal Brand will allow you to obtain the following benefits, among many others:

  • It will help you generate your identity and give it validity and solidity.
  • Your self-confidence will increase.
  • It helps you to have more visibility, prestige, and authority within a professional sector
  • It helps you position yourself as an expert in your sector.
  • You will be able to transmit your knowledge to other people and make it useful to them.
  • You will generate community and networking.
  • It can help you change jobs, get a better position, or get more clients and projects.
  • You will obtain work independence since what you work on is your personal branding wherever you are working.

We can enhance all these benefits and professional advantages with the use of digital tools, which will allow us to have a presence and transmit value worldwide.

Strategically managing our Personal Brand will enable us to differentiate ourselves and make ourselves known by generating value that we transmit to others.

The first steps to define your Personal Brand will involve defining what your passion is and knowing yourself, and then developing a strategy where you set your professional goals and how to achieve them. Of course, all this is not an easy task and we will have to get out of our comfort zone and overcome some fears. All growth, whether personal or professional, implies a change in habits and overcoming entrenched paradigms. But once we are clear about where we are going, it will be a more than worthwhile effort.

Some of those fears or barriers that we must face to enhance our Personal Brand may be the impostor syndrome (thinking that I am not up to the situation), fear of writing or speaking in public, fear of technology or not having knowledge of networks or online tools. The good news is that these and other obstacles are 100% surmountable, you can train or delegate those tasks that you do not know or find difficult to perform in people who have that knowledge. Think of all those renowned professionals who are your references, they have gone through the same process and have overcome it, they managed to have a very good Personal Brand. Do not forget, they are people like you and me, they just have invested a lot of their time and knowledge in getting where they are.

That is why I remind you that working on your Personal Brand involves effort, determination, and persistence. But I assure you that this process will make you shine and feel proud day after day, since you will know that you are on the right path, aligned with your convictions and values.

Starting to work strategically and highlighting our Personal Brand can be a task that we face autonomously, with will and commitment. But many times, it is necessary, and advisable, to have a professional or mentor to guide us and help us to shorten the times, to set the pace of work and to give us their objective vision of our situation.

Finally, and I want you to keep it in mind, there is no age to start working with your Personal Brand, you can do it at any time in your life, since this implies committing to yourself, to our dreams and what we want to be like the rest of our lives.

Wait no more, start today to give shape to this rewarding challenge that is to enhance your Personal Brand.

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