“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. Jeff Bezos

When I graduated from ESADE on June 19th, 1998, at the time of the speeches, I heard a phrase that I loved and that has marked me ever since. “Try, young graduates, that, on your business card, the first line is always more important than the second”. It shocked me and its memory has accompanied me since that time. In this way, I discovered, just at the beginning of my professional career, the importance of personal branding

What will we do

Why will we do it

How will we do it

In October 2015, I published my book “Desmárcate – How to develop your personal brand successfully”, Today it is in its fourth edition. In the book I explaing all I’ve learned learning after years of research, study and experience helping many professionals (from many different sectors and backgrounds) develop their personal brand.

My methodology is based on 3 clearly differentiated stages.

Analysis Stage

It is the most introspective stage. In it we help you discover your talents, your motivations, your values and your skills.

Strategy stage

It is the phase in which we define aspects such as, your vision, your mission, your business model, your objectives, your competitive advantage and if you are going to differentiate yourself and / or specializeIt.

Communication stage

It is the phase in which we clearly define your message, and then help you share this message defining the best communication actions (both offline and online) in order to reach the expected objectives.


How to develop your personal brand successfully

The book is a complete guide to help you on the way to define your brand, validate it in the market and communicate it. You will be perceived as the most valuable person in your environment.

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