Don’t avoid change

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In this post we want to vindicate the force of change, changing and reinventing yourself in every way, managing how and when well, can give you new perspectives and opportunities that you will not know if you do not explore them.
Don't avoid change

I love stories of change, people who one day decided, rightly or wrongly, to do things differently to get different results, personally or professionally.

And I say rightly or wrongly, because in many cases change does not lead us to success directly, that is, it is not usually a shortcut to achieve things more quickly and effectively, but indirectly, because it serves to show us same that if we do things differently, the consequences are also different, and this improves our self-esteem and convinces us that we are capable of controlling our lives.

And WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO CHANGE? We could say that changing means modifying our behavior or way of thinking in a new situation, or going further and making that new situation possible with our attitude, that is, causing that change.

CHANGE IS INEVITABLE IN OUR LIVES, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we want to accept it or not, or whether or not we participate in causing change, things and people change, and obviously, we will have to do something to fit in and adapt to those changes.

The company in which we work disappears for whatever reason, or restructures its resources and we are fired, our sector transforms and changes so radically that it no longer needs us as professionals, we or our environment suffer some change or personal tragedy, or, simply, we enlightened one day and became aware that what we have done with our lives up to now does not correspond to our dreams, it does not fulfill us as people, well, that is the case.

And HOW DO WE REACT TO CHANGES? Well, as a general rule, we react badly, the “normal” way of reacting is negative, and I say normal because statistics tell us that most people DO NOT LIKE TO CHANGE THINGS OR ADAPT TO THE CHANGES. Most of us always see the negative consequences of these changes, leaving our “circle or comfort zone” supposes an extra effort that is not planned and that we do not want to assume, but is it always like this? I am one of those who thinks not, that “the extra effort” is to continue doing things the same way and that they don’t take you anywhere, and that sometimes when something is no longer useful to us we need to look for a new option, which I I call “reset”.

And why are we afraid of change? It will depend on how we are and our environment is clear, but usually the reasons are; not knowing how to handle new or different situations, having a lack of control and this can distress us, not coping well with losses, whether physical, moral, emotional, or laziness, which is also a good excuse for not changing, in many change supposes an overexertion, and we do not live precisely in the culture of effort but rather the opposite.

And in the list of innumerable excuses, the most forceful is without a doubt, that if we change we can make mistakes and be criticized by others or by ourselves, and this is the most common reason, the “fear of failure”, the great excuse for do not change. Here I have to say that the fault is not only ours, society has a very important influence, since we are children we are educated and socially and culturally influenced to move within very specific parameters, but we are not educated to take risks, pursue our dreams and manage them , and these can only be achieved by changing things and adapting to those that others have already decided to change around us.

Nor am I one of those who recommends throwing ourselves into the middle of the ocean without a float and without knowing how to swim of course, change must be managed well, analyzing the situation, evaluating pros and cons, waiting for the right moment, and above all learning to have a positive attitude. and proactive, changing our mentality, leaving behind comments or thoughts such as “I am like this and that is how I have always been” or “it is very difficult to change”, phrases that block us and limit our possibilities of growing, improving and achieving our goals. For this purpose, I recommend you read my post from a while ago “Recalculating”

And remember that, if you want things to change, you will have to do something, because as the extraordinary German physicist Albert Einstein said, “Craziness is doing the same thing over and over again hoping to get different results”

Xavi Roca

I am Talentist, I help organizations, managers and professionals to achieve high performance through enhancing their leadership and personal brand. I am passionate about leadership, high performance team management and Personal Branding, and I have dedicated my professional career to helping companies and professionals develop and enhance their talents and strengths to achieve their maximum development and performance.

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Don’t avoid change

In this post we want to vindicate the force of change, changing and reinventing yourself in every way, managing how and when well, can give you new perspectives and opportunities that you will not know if you do not explore them.

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